解答: 首先,请确认你的插件会在后台显示出任何管理项.



问题:插件已经安装了,为什么进入后台管理该插件出现:Aaccess denied

解答: 请点击右上角的的退出,再次进入后台.


解答: 没有多语言框的话.


第二步,设置界面语言.如果有多张语言,需要先新建store view,然后根绝store view设置相应的语言


这是因为你没有设置语言界面的语言… 请设置一下


解答: 请修改你的php.ini,分配给网站更多的内存.

Question: What is the unit of product weight in the website? Kilograms or grams?
Answer: In the website, weight exists in numbers, and there is no fixed unit.
You can imagine it as kilogram or gram, more likely as ounce or milliliter.
Just have a number in your mind and unify.
If you think the customer doesn't understand, you can declare the unit in the front desk.
Question: I used the website connector to install plug-ins. Why is there no display in the background?
Answer: First, please confirm that your plug-in will display any management items in the background
Then disable or refresh the cache
Exit the background and log in again to see if it appears... If it still does not appear, please check the instructions for the plug-in
Question: The plug-in has been installed. Why does the plug-in appear in the background: Aaccess denied
Answer: Please click Exit in the upper right corner to enter the background again
Question: Why doesn't my multi language selection box exist? Or choose another language, English?
Answer: If there is no multi language box
First, please install the multilingual package you want
Step 2: Set the interface language If there are multiple languages, you need to create a new store view first, and then set the corresponding language based on the store view
Why choose other languages, but still English?
This is because you have not set the language of the language interface... Please set it
Question: After entering the website background, a blank appears when you open the sales order. Why?
Answer: Please modify your php.ini to allocate more memory to the website

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